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SPINSTER trivia...

sleeping beauty

Some SPINSTER trivia: (productive behavior inspired by cog1201)

"As might seem obvious, this word derives from spin. It is a reference to the spinning of yarn from wool. Any woman who spun wool for a living was known as a spinster beginning in about the 13th century. Eventually, the word came to be appended to a woman's name as an indication of her occupation. By the 17th century the term was used to signify any unmarried woman, and it was used in legal documents for that purpose. Later, however, spinster came to apply to older, unmarried women. This association likely occurred because the older a single woman was, the longer she had been known as so-and-so spinster.

Spin itself has very old roots; it derives from the Indo-European base *spen-/*pen- "stretch". Some of spin's relatives are English span and Old Church Slavonic peti "stretch". Some of its near relatives are spider and spindle.

In genealogy, the spindle-side of the family is the female line, as opposed to the spear-side, which is the male line. The spindle-side is also known as the distaff-side, distaff being an older word for spindle."

-Information taken from a very spinster-worthy word-origin site. Check it out. http://www.takeourword.com/Issue049.html
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