November 11th, 2003

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I say we make this Spinster's Society a National Movement. Then we can get famous and do the talk show circuit. I'm thinking Dr. Phil, Oprah, Ellen, Conan, the Daily Show, etc. The T.V. shows provide free travel and a couple hundred bucks, as well as the occasional makeover. Then we can write a book, and make a few hundred thousand off that easily.

Spinsterism will become a way of life for millions of women. We'll be proud, independent beings. Men will be forced to change their ways and become thoughtful beings, else they will die old and alone. There will be no war. Spinsterism is the key to the betterment of humanity.
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A bed-time story for you.

The Saucy Boy
Hans Christian Andersen
ONCE upon a time there was an old poet, one of those right good old poets.

One evening, as he was sitting at home, there was a terrible storm going on outside; the rain was pouring down, but the old poet sat comfortably in his chimney-corner, where the fire was burning and the apples were roasting.

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