December 30th, 2003

SAS encourages crafty women

(Scary and pointless as they may be...)
Over the holidays my grandmother showed me how to make "Yarn Flowers". Although they serve very little purpose, they are cute and can be tied onto the top of a pipe cleaner or stick in order to complete the effect. She grew up around Berkley and said that yarn flower making was all the rage amongst young girls during the late 1930's. If you want to be in on the secret, follow these directions. It should take only a minute.

Materials: A dinner fork, an 8-inch piece of yarn, a ball of yarn in another color

-Put the 8-inch piece of yarn between the middle tines of the fork.
-Put the end of the other yarn between two tines and then weave it back and forth between the tines (over/under) until you reach the top. Don't make it to tight.
-Tie the 8-inch piece in a knot and carefully slide all the woven yarn off the fork. Tighten the knot and tie it once more to finish.
-Trim the ends of the flower and leave the other thread to hang, or tie it around a pipe cleaner to make a stem.

My brother gave one to a girl we met and the result was quite positive. Maybe they do serve some purpose after all. Give it a try. Post any Spinster crafts you may know as well.