March 18th, 2004

Literary chicks

Just out of curiosity, what are the ladies of SAS reading right now? Here are a series of questions, post a new subject or respond to them here.

-What is the last thing you read? Good/bad etc.
-What spinsterly book can you recommend? Why that one?
-What is your favorite female author?

I tend to read way to many books at once, mostly because I have a short attention span and need to keep changing. I will often read a few chapters out of 3 or four different books before I go to sleep, not to mention school stuff. Can't wait to hear the answers.

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"-What is the last thing you read? Good/bad etc.
-What spinsterly book can you recommend? Why that one?
-What is your favorite female author?"

Normally I don't read that much fiction these days, and if I do I also tend to read several things more or less simultaneously, also from a short attention span.

Right now I happen to be reading "le mariage" by Diane Johnson, which I accidentally bought a few years ago from a book club due to not sending the reply card in fast enough, and it has languished on the shelf, as I did not want to read a book with that title. But a couple of weeks ago I was desperate for something to read, and it was too rainy to go to the library, so now it is begun. Since it is a sequel to "le divorce" which I had not read (which came first anyway, the chicken or the egg) I thought it was an odd sequence, but as I read this one I can see the sequence makes some sort of sense, in that writer's world.

It isn't bad. Not high literature though. I shall have to go on a fiction binge so I appreciate this topic being started.

A few years ago I read a book (also accidentally bought from the club) called "Horse Heaven" by Jane Smiley, which I enjoyed very much due to its complexity, with the exception of one rather graphic and in my opinion, unnecessary, sex scene.

These are of course popular fiction.

Favorites? The Brontes, I loved them when I was young... (I am a "real" spinster, in my menopause year, woohoo!) Virginia Woolf of course. Pearl Buck is one of the greats. Total favorite? Probably Sylvia Plath. I am sort of more into poetry, and the sciences. There are a number of novels I have read which came from female Indian writers that I really enjoyed. Such as "What the body remembers" by Shauna Singh Baldwin, for example.

Sorry this is so long, once I get started it is hard to stop. I shall have to start reading some of the recommended works posted here.