Gudrun K. Dru (furniture_party) wrote in sas_chapterone,
Gudrun K. Dru

Hello Ladies,
Although I've never posted in this community before I've watched it for some time. Allow me to introduce myself: my name is Gudrun (ok, Erin on my birth certificate), and although I am a twenty-year-old urban dweller, I look forward to the day when i reside in a farm house with a few other ladyfriends and a slough of cats making my living producing handwoven rag rugs and commercial granola.

I speak to you today on the subject of mallwalking. Long have I felt that mallwalkers are on OUR side. Adaptable, resourceful characters who utilize the mall's space without dropping a red cent, I find that they provide a comforting yin to the average mallrat-teenybopper's yang. In the upcoming winter months I plan to don a tracksuit, sensible shoes, and headphones blasting 80's Madonna and trot alongside the best of them.
How do you feel about mallwalkers?
Are they, as I suspect, friends to the spinsters?
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