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ophelia floats

collecting...or hoarding??

Thinking back to our inevitable cat-lady tendencies (in some of our cases, at least), I was trying to find a recent newspaper article about a woman charged with "cat-hoarding" in a nearby town; more than 80 cats discovered in her small home. I found it really amusing that it was termed "hoarding", like she was keeping all the cats for herself and no one else could get one of their own...I couldn't find the actual article, but instead found this one:

I find that particularly disturbing because I can easily identify some of my relatives as "victims" of this hoarding-phenomenon. My grandfather loved old car parts that he intended to use in his mechanic's garage some day. This caused him to accumulate so many that he had surrounded the entire perimeter of his property with a junk-yard of rusty metal and random rubbish. My grandmother insisted that they move to a house where she wouldn't have to see this "crap" sitting all around. He bought a new house after much cajoling, but before they could move in he surrounded that one with an even larger mounded labyrinth of parts. This was an amusing place to play as a little kid (yeah, lets send the kids to play on sharp rusty metal?) but now I see how strange this eclectic behavior really was.

So what to some of the SAS ladies like to collect?
I think I do have a tendency to hold onto weird things...hopefully it won't get out of hand and bury me alive some day. Someone tell me if I don't notice when I cross the line from collecting to neurotic, ok?
My collections:
-Bar coasters
-Concert ticket-stubs
-Shells and rocks that are particularly pretty
-Recipes from friends
-Small glass bottles, vintage preferably
-CD's and records, of course
I'm sure there are more, but I don't want the list to start scaring me.
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-key chains
-lots of things which involve piggies
-movie ticket stubs
-books...many many books
Piggies? That's cute, do you just like them or is there a story behind this pig collecting?
Now that you mention it, I am partial to bunny objects as well. Once I had a few my friends took it from there. It started with a bunny shirt that I loved dearly, it is in tatters but I still wear it.
for some reason i have always found piggies cute. even when wallowing in the mud....well maybe not the really big pigs. But they are just so gosh darn cute. Bunnies are cute too. Especially the floppy eared ones.
When i first read this I felt certain I had no formal collections...but then I looked around the room and noticed the large number of pairs of noseglasses (classic disguise of thick black glasses, rubbery nose, and bushy Groucho Marx-ish moustache) adorning various pieces of my furniture.

From now on I am FORMALLY collecting noseglasses.
They probably call it "hoarding" to cast a negative light on the concept since "collecting" sounds relatively innocent. "Collecting" 80 cats is way too extreme.

Now, me, I am a regular pack-rat. And having lived alone for many years, it can get quite ridiculous.

What I have too many of:

Coffee cups. I actually consider it a collection, they hang on the wall of the kitchen as ornaments. They have snappy sayings on them, such as "I love you more than chocolate itself" or "never say diet" ...many are by Boynton.

Just about any kitchen equipment. I could start a restaurant. Recipes? I have literally millions. A whole filing cabinet full.

Purses. Hats. Would be shoes too, but I can't wear most shoes comfortably, so I live in my earth shoes.

Rocks and shells, too, love 'em. They are everywhere, inside and out.

Books. I check out (of the library) about 12 books a month to keep the buying under control. Lately I have been checking out cookbooks, and copying out recipes by hand, thereby killing two collecting urges with one stone.