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V-day survived

Assumedly we've all come out of hiding after Nation-wide Ostracize-the-single Day and are returning to our normal routines of (usually) non-gloomy unattached-ness. I do find it amusing that a romantic holiday has evolved out of a note from a priest (thanking the jailer's daughter for her friendship and loyalty, signed "From your Valentine" c. 269 AD) who was about to be brutally executed...but maybe that's just me. (Well, this in combination with even older pagan origins associated with Lupercalia festivals and then Roman Lottery dating traditions...yikes for the latter!) Sometimes people choose very strange snippets of history to glom onto for commercialization. I'm not even going to get started on Columbus Day.

Did anyone do anything or see anything interesting on V-day that they would care to share? I actually made quite a yummy Swedish cake for some of my friends, despite my bitterness toward the holiday in general. Unfortunately I am cursed with the annual recollection of a past boyfriend who invited me for a "romantic dinner" (that his friend had made him arrange) and then proceed to get so drunk he couldn't string together a coherent sentence and pass out after asking me if I was having a good time. I think the exact words were "So, did I do a good job?" as though this attempt was going to be reported on his permanent record and cancel out some of his prior idiotic behavior.

Anyway, now that people have gone back to normal and have pupils instead of little hearts where there eyes used to be I can stop glaring and searching for a receptacle to vomit into every time I leave the house. I've returned to my usual good-natured inquisitive self and found some interesting articles I thought I would link up for the SAS-ladies perusal:
Kerouac's On the Road' Manuscript Unfurled
Beyond Melting Clocks: A Dali Retrospective
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