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wow, impressive use of yarn

While I can barely crochet a scarf, I found that one mathematician has been crafting physical models of the hyperbolic plane with her diligent little hooks...They remind me of flowers that my grandmother (on my dad's side) used to affix to a large number of fabric items around her house, and which remained in place since the early 70's until my cousin inherited it a few years ago. I'll stick to pot-holders, thanks.

Any yarn-type projects going on around here?
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I'm not equipped with the right materials for weaving, but I have been working on an appliqued pseudo-Medieval tapestry...
It features some cartoonish pix of unicorns and half-birds/half-women i drew transferred into felt. And it has tassels, which I feel are an essential embellishment to spinsterly crafts.
I sincerely hope you have a digital camera so you can post that when you are done! How big is it? (And what do you plan to do with it? You may need to search for a patron with a banquet-hall.)
and oh my god, once i have the banquet hall there will be no excuse not to stage a life-size game of chess! played with people, i mean. wanna come?
As long as I get to be the evil queen. Hmm, the idea of having my own pawns is very appealing... :)