A bed-time story for you.

The Saucy Boy
Hans Christian Andersen
ONCE upon a time there was an old poet, one of those right good old poets.

One evening, as he was sitting at home, there was a terrible storm going on outside; the rain was pouring down, but the old poet sat comfortably in his chimney-corner, where the fire was burning and the apples were roasting.

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I say we make this Spinster's Society a National Movement. Then we can get famous and do the talk show circuit. I'm thinking Dr. Phil, Oprah, Ellen, Conan, the Daily Show, etc. The T.V. shows provide free travel and a couple hundred bucks, as well as the occasional makeover. Then we can write a book, and make a few hundred thousand off that easily.

Spinsterism will become a way of life for millions of women. We'll be proud, independent beings. Men will be forced to change their ways and become thoughtful beings, else they will die old and alone. There will be no war. Spinsterism is the key to the betterment of humanity.
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SPINSTER trivia...

sleeping beauty

Some SPINSTER trivia: (productive behavior inspired by cog1201)

"As might seem obvious, this word derives from spin. It is a reference to the spinning of yarn from wool. Any woman who spun wool for a living was known as a spinster beginning in about the 13th century. Eventually, the word came to be appended to a woman's name as an indication of her occupation. By the 17th century the term was used to signify any unmarried woman, and it was used in legal documents for that purpose. Later, however, spinster came to apply to older, unmarried women. This association likely occurred because the older a single woman was, the longer she had been known as so-and-so spinster.

Spin itself has very old roots; it derives from the Indo-European base *spen-/*pen- "stretch". Some of spin's relatives are English span and Old Church Slavonic peti "stretch". Some of its near relatives are spider and spindle.

In genealogy, the spindle-side of the family is the female line, as opposed to the spear-side, which is the male line. The spindle-side is also known as the distaff-side, distaff being an older word for spindle."

-Information taken from a very spinster-worthy word-origin site. Check it out. http://www.takeourword.com/Issue049.html
kitty computer

Thank you, Thank You, thank you

oh ladies it is truly wonderful to meet other women who have embraced their spinsterhood. I firmly believe its better to be self sufficient then wait on a man. I have decided to take up knitting, because I realize that I will be sleeping alone the rest of my life, so I need some blankets to keep me warm. A woman sitting alone on her couch knitting, her little cat playing with a ball of knitting yarn at her feet, and soft music playing in the background, is the very image of spinsterhood. And besides knitting takes a long time so it will keep my mind off of the fact I have no man. Perhaps someday I can show you all how to knit at a chapter meeting.
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SPINSTER-VIEW #1: (57 year old teacher, asks to be referred to as "Calla")

Hi. How are you today?

Fine. You already asked me that.

Sorry, we'll move on. When did you fist recognize your spinster calling?

When I was 19. A guy proposed to me and then joined the marines. I think he just didn't want me to fool around while he was gone.

So why didn't you marry him?

Ha! He was an asshole! He came to see me one time and told me that he had another girlfriend. I was trying to break up with him, but he said, "That's ok. I already have another girl." So I threw my ring at him and ran home. I should have kept it. I paid for it. He didn't have any money.

What's the worst thing a man has ever said to you?

Well this young man and I were going out for a long time when I lived in SF in 1966 or so...we used to go to concerts, hang out in the park with this ocelot. It was fun. I went back to school after the summer and he came to see me where I lived. He had been getting into astrology. It was pretty popular then. He told me he didn't think our relationship was going to work out because our signs really weren't that compatible. Then he said, "But your friend Debbie, now that would work..."

What do you do for fun?

Watch television. Play Mah Jongg with a bunch of other spinsters.

What are your favorite shows?

"Stargate SG1" and "The Highlander"!!!

Do you think you might start dating again?

No. I don't like men. They're ugly. They're mean and nasty, they take and take from women and they don't give back. They think they do, but they don't.

Do you have any advice for the SAS members reading this interview?

Get two or three friends (girls) and play Tiddley-winks. It's way more fulfilling.

(sas_chapterone 11/09/03)
If you have a spinster-view that you would like to conduct, please do so and submit it for our entertainment and educational purposes.


Astrid and I attempted to interview her mother last night. Technically, she's not really a spinster, but her behavior leads Astrid to grant her honorary status.

Here's a true example of spinster behavior: Going out to dinner with your mother on a Friday night.
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